Just Like Jennings
Ref: 1276
Series: Jennings - book 12 of 25
Published: 1961


Jennings and Darbishire's summer term at Linbury gets off to a ropey start even before their arrival at the school. First, they nearly miss the train, then, after Jennings loses his ticket, the pair move further down the train to escape Old Wilkie's wrath, only to find that their carriage has split off from the others. Fortunately, the train driver and his mate take pity on them and arrange transport for them to Dunhambury - just in time for them to join the others on the bus. The pair later discover a suspected spy in the woods and an abominable snow-cat on the balcony. Aunt Angela's cake-baking prowess comes in handy when Jennings breaks a vase belonging to Old Wilkie.

First Edition